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A brief history of how Majestic Farms got started

When we bought the original 23 acres we really didn’t look at growing an orchard. We wanted to get back to the basics---have a garden, a few fruit trees for jam and then we talked about planting a few more fruit trees and a few more until we now have over 1200 tree, give or take a few. We’ve cut back the blackberries. In the 1200 trees there consist of mostly peach, some pear, plum, and apple trees. We have persimmons, pomegranates, nectarines and apricots.

In 2009 Ray retired from his industrial job to manage and work the farm full time – full time means as long as the sun is up and then some. He works hard keep the day-to-day tasks going. I know he enjoys what he does. He likes talking to anyone about the farm, how the fruit grows and how they sweeten. He loves to learn and try new things and yes I have to hold him back—cause no telling what we would have out there. He works to makes things better. He is a very smart guy that has a wide variety of knowledge in so many things. He is on the water broad for our area and on the Farmers Market board in Hillsboro. He started the Hillsboro/Whitney small growers group. He goes to seminars as time allows learning how to make a better fruit, vegetable or a better venue.

Early on he built the barn and welded the H-braces for the berry patch and put in the main water lines for the irrigation this was a lot of work.

Always remember there is no “I” in team…so then there is my part.

I still work full time at a company in Waco as a programmer analyst and hopefully will be there for several more years. During the season, I come home and help where best needed – picking fruit, cleaning baskets, mowing, tractor work, pruning/thinning. I created and maintain the website, face book and emails. I created the logo. During the off season, I make jam, jellies and preserves…Grandma Sugar’s peach, plum, blackberry jam and pear preserves. In the early days, while he worked on other things I would plant the berry rootings. One year I took a PVC pipe and walked along side the rows and planted cantalope seeds. Due to the back issues, I don’t do much planting of the garden any more.

During the first 10 years, together we put out the irrigation hoses for the blackberries, peaches, plums, pears and the wires for the blackberry rows. We put out the mulch…he dumped the mulch, I spread it….until we got my most favorite piece of equipment…a mulch spreader. Yeah…I know my back loves it. We planted trees together except for most of the trees on the hill. Together we took an empty water bottle, PVC pipe, a harrow and the RTV and planted black-eyed peas. Due to the drought, they didn’t make much but it was the funniest time I have had in a long time. You see work is good but sometimes you just got to make it fun!! Together we work the farmers market in Hillsboro. There are so many things that make a farm work that it's hard to name it all.

What he does, he does for me and what I do, I do for him. I'm not a welder and he's not a web designer....that's how we complement each other in this adventure call farming. We are Majestic Farms…there is only One who gets credit for such wonderful fruit…...

Man Planted…God Grown!!!

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