Greetings from Majestic Farms

We have not sold the farm yet.  We have had a lot of lookers.   We are hoping that special someone will take what we started and build on it.  However, until that time comes we are hard at it – working towards this year’s harvest season.  Ray has been busy with topping the trees – by doing this it helps with production of the peach and tree maintenance…..besides no one wants to haul a step ladder out to pick peaches, right!!! 


Also we have had a grader out to do some sloping of the rows, so that when we get these heavy rains the trees won’t sit in water for long --- it allows them to get the “drink” they need and allows the rest to run off without drowning the trees. 

We are close to the 850 chilling hours we need to make a peach crop – or any other crop you are looking to make – so this time of year we have to keep a close eye on the temps to make sure we start spraying dormant oil on the trees.   Dormant oil does 2 things --- very important things – it helps with scale and to keep the trees dormant.  We want to keep the trees dormant until about the 2nd week in March.  Now you ask what is scale, well scale are sap-sucking insects that prey on most kinds of trees and plants.  Some species can cause a great deal of damage to the foliage on which they feed, while others are harmless. Resembling small bumps on twigs and branches, scales don’t look like most insects; therefore, they can easily go undetected. (info taken from


Other farm happenings:

We have a 177 new trees we are fixing to plant --- these are replacement trees for the trees we lost to too much water from the last 2 years we had such a wet spring/early summer.   --- Isn’t it interesting we have lost more trees to water than to drought?

We just placed an order for 4000 onions to plant early February. 

Getting other areas ready for tomatoes….since the pick your own tomatoes last year was a success we will probably do that this year.

I will probably start making jam the end of February and/or into March.  Other things comes first before jam. 

Any ways…. Have a good spring.  Keep us in your prayers for good weather. 

God bless you

Ann and Ray

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Updated   01/28/2020 contact info:   817-648-2821 or 817-648-8585

Farm tidbit: It is important to get the proper amount of chilling hours during the winter for fruit trees to bear fruit.  

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